Question about BTTV pro personal emotes

Hi, how can I request someone else’s non-gif emote to be manually approved so I can add it to my personal emotes?

Hey @intefix!

If you wish to use an emote that has been uploaded by someone else, and that this one isn’t shared, and therefore you can’t add it to your personal emotes, you can ask the channel owner if they’re willing to share it. If they decline for copyright reasons or because they commissioned someone, there’s nothing you can do. If they decline, but the image the emote is based on is in the public domain, you can report the emote and ask for manual approval. Keep in mind that abusing the system can lead to repercussions.

Hi, I think there’s a misunderstanding, you said " and that this one isn’t shared ", I’m talking about other people’s bttv emotes that have sharing enabled, a.k.a I can add them to my own channel, but if I also want to add them to my 5 personal emote slots ( the bttv pro perk), I need to somehow get them manually approved by staff. So I’m asking how can I request staff to manually review emotes for personal slot usage that are not uploaded by me.

edit: @emily

You’re right, my bad, personal emotes need to be manually approved.
For that you can report the emote and select In the emote's code/image content, Something else, and then explain that you wish to use it as your personal emote.

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