Query's base value

Hey guys, what’s $(query)'s base value?
I mean if a person dont write anything after the command
I tried to check it if it’s null or undefinedbut its not, maybe it’s 0?
Can somebody answer me this?
Thank you!

It’s nothing.
(the syntax of !queryvalue is Query: $(query) )

but maybe a space or sg? because if I make it like this if(’$(query)’ == null)
this if wont happen you know what I mean I hope

Not even a space. The way I’ve been handling this is by writing
if ("$(query)" === "") {instructions if no query} else {instructions if there is query}

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It worked… but, I dont get it, if it works this way, why does not work with null?
Okay, I should not ask these questions, we are talking about javascript so…
Anyway thank you for your replies and for the help, I just got my sh*t work.
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:
EDIT: just found out that if you make it like this if(!’$(query)’) it would also work!

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