Purchased emotes on Etsy but someone has them and thus are being marked as duplicate content

Hi all,

Totally new to BetterTTV. I bought a pack of emotes on Etsy earlier today to use on my channel. When I did, it told me they’re duplicates and I can, therefore, not use them.

The problem is, I bought them. If I can’t use them, that’s £6 to waste. Is there anything I can do about this? The user must have bought them as well, so it’s not fair that nobody else can use them.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @fenderqueer!

Check if the emotes on BetterTTV are shared, if so, just add them to your chat. If they’re not, try contacting the streamer that uploaded them and ask them to share them, if it doesn’t work, report the emotes on BetterTTV and ask for them to be shared, explaining that you bought them too.

Overall, we’re having a lot of people buy emotes on Etsy who end up in the same issue as you, therefore we don’t recommend buying emotes that way, instead consider having them custom-made.

The system is designed that way so people don’t upload copyrighted content from others, it wouldn’t be fair either if that was allowed, and it could also lead to legal actions.

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