Problems With Nightbot

I want to Black list words and links and all that stuff but some how i cant get it to work
I have tried to do what it says i need to do but it wont work for me idk if im just stupid but it could be so nice to get some help and get it to work :slight_smile: hope you will respond

Without more information, like what you are trying to do and what you’ve tried, it’s hard to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Please elaborate so that we can properly assist you.

To blacklist word(s) / phrases, log onto the nightbot dashboard and click on spam protection. Then click Enable (its enabled by default) where the Blacklist Words/Phrases filter is, next is to click options and a dialog box will popup open and you can mess around to however your liking is.
And the process is the same for links, or any filter, in that manner.

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