Problems with nightbot

Guys, I have a problem with my account. When I connect my account to the channel, commands appear that are not in my account, as if someone had already set up a bot on the channel before.

Have you changed name recently ?

No, I have not changed my name recently.

Ok - Have you tried this ? The order you things in is important >>> Nightbot Timers Not Working. Commands Fine. - #2 by zoeballz

The Nightbot app seems to not be compatible with macOS Sonoma. I just tried to download it, and MacOS said the app was damaged.


Heya :slight_smile:

I’d open a new thread for that. That’s a totally different issue.

The title of this thread is “Problems with Nightbot.”

So, this seems like as good a thread as any.

Ok but a new thread titled “Compatibility with macOS Sonoma” or something like that might be more likely to get a useful response :slight_smile:

There is no such thread

Exactly - You need to create a new one !