Problems with BTTV

Hi. I have a problem. When I have bttv enabled twitch streams won’t load. It just shows a black screen while chat works perfectly. When I disable BTTV the streams once again work normal. I tried clearing my cache and deleting cookies and it was no help. I tried reinstalling BTTV and it didn’t help. I tried reinstalling firefox and it didn’t work. I disabled my anti-virus and it still didn’t work. It worked perfectly yesterday and today it won’t work no matter what.

Which cookies did you delete? Deleting the Twitch cookies seems to fix the issue for others:

I deleted the cookies from firefox options menu. I chose the remove all option.

It’s an issue with HTML5 player it seems. Disabling it allows me to watch in Flash for the mean time.

Yeah it seems so. I tried disabling html5 thanks to xgerhard’s post and now it works. I hope they fix the issue. Thank you guys.

Same issue on Safari Version 10.1.1 (11603.2.5) and BTTV 6.8
Stream won’t load but it will when I disable BTTV.

I’ve cleared and disabled cache and will try deleting all related Twitch and BTTV cookies now.

Same issue with latest firefox: html5 won’t work while BTTV is enabled, but flash+BTTV still works.

This was fixed earlier today. For other issues, post on GitHub (linked in the second post).