Problems submitting an emote

So Ive submitted an emote 5 times & its been rejected 5 times due to apparently being unreadable so Ive reworked it with my artist twice & its still getting rejected despite myself my artist & a graphic designer looking at it scaled down several times. in the rejection email you say to lodge a complaint when re subbmitting the emote I did that & it still got rejected after another rework now apparently I can’t submit anymore tries as I can only submit 5 times in a week despite still only trying to get the same emote approved PLEASE HELP. I was trying to seek help from whoever actually approves or vice versa the emotes but got sent to here instead.

Please include the emote in your post. Whichever mod replies to your post can’t really tell you what’s up, if they can’t see it. As for the limitation on submissions per week, you just have to wait that out.

heya looking through the logs the emote you are speaking of “Lunarchu” is indeed unreadable at low resolution, reminder that in chat it will be seen as this:
the word “chu” becomes invisible and the question mark basically becomes a squiggle, my suggestion would be to remove the speech bubble as it is small and very hard to work in letters while still remaining readable, hope this helps.

Are you serious I feel like I am on an episode of Punk’d that ? looks fine on both my pc & my phone! & yes Im looking at the image in your reply. I have an emote of the similar size & design on twitch with HI! in the same size speech bubble & it looks fine! in Fact people love it. Ok fine I’ll upload it elsewhere because honestly at this point this is a joke. Thanks for the reply.

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