Problem with Song Request

Good morning:

I will detail my problem, I have a twitch channel in which I want people to be able to place their songs through nightbot with the song request system

The problem is the following:

When I configure on the nightbot website, everything remains as it should be in the privileges in the part of AutoDj
in permissions I place EveryOne and in Limits EveryOne

the problem is that people who are not subscribers or moderators, do not allow them to place the command “! sr” or any other command, so people who do not have these requirements cannot place music … I hope I have explained myself well … I hope a response from the moderators or creators of the nightbot … thanks.

Hiya! You can check at the !songs commands options, check if it is set to Everyone there.
Also check if you have a custom !sr/!songs/!songrequest command setup at:, delete these, since they overwrite the default commands.

solved, thanks to this, it was that I had changed the command to subscriber …

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