Problem with new version Nightbot App

Hello, I use the version v0.0.1 for Windows in the past and work fine with the multimedia keys of my keyboard.
Now I use the new version v0.0.2 and the multimedia keys of my keyboard is not working in this version.

I try with other music apps and the keys work fine. Maybe is my computer or last update of Windows 10 (Redstone 1)

Is possible download the old version of Nightbot App for check if is a bug of the new app or if my computer?


Here is a post of the same issue with a link to the old version of the app.

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Thanks for your reply, I discover what the old version stuck my computer. as it happened in the past, but I did not know the problem, after formatting not had this problem until I use again the old version.

This is not only fault of nightbot. Is the anticheat of the game h1z1 King of the kill (I see in events visor).

I hope the next version and continue using the v0.0.2 :smiley:

This has been addressed in v0.0.3, which you can grab at

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Awesome job! :smiley: thanks for the support.

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