Posting an /announce command when prediction is created

I’m a bit new but I’ve seen it done in another channel (I think it was Fossabot though), I’m looking to have Nightbot post an /announce message in chat when a poll or prediction is started or ended without manually entering a command. Can Nightbot pull from the Twitch API for predictions/polls to read that info so it knows when it was created? So as soon as the the timer starts or ends, it will post something like “/announcep PREDICTION HAS ENDED”. Thanks in advance!

Hey @maplemooseac!

This isn’t possible as of now, sorry.

Alright thank you! It may not even be possible by any means and I may also be crazy haha

No, I think there could be ways to implement it if the devs care about it, but Twitch API’s doesn’t offer a subscription endpoint for predictions, so monitoring for the start and end of a prediction would require regularly polling Twitch’s API, which is expensive for such minimal feature, especially since predictions appear on top of the chat.

Makes sense, thanks for the explanation.

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