Post a message on certain time

Hey all,

I checked out the Timer option, but this doesn’t seem to give me the right option, since the interval is up to 60 minutes. We have a discord channel. In this discord channel I want nightbot to announce a message every wednesday at 8pm ‘Hey everybody, the game is starting within 1 hour, be there!’. I want to make sure that the message reoccurs every wednesday at 8pm in a certain channel.

How do i set this up with nightbot in combination with Discord?


As far as I know, timers can only be set up to be used in Twitch & YouTube chat, not Discord.

Hi :slight_smile:
Is there a non timer way to set this up on Discord?

Sorry, there is no way for Nightbot to send automated messages on Discord. There are other Discord bots , e.g. Ub3r-bot, that have this functionality.

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