Possible to organize playlist

Hi @night ,

I just created a Playlist with the bot but I was wondering if there was a way to organize the songs in the playlist and AutDJ instead of suffling them. (They would start 1 by 1 in order instead of shuffle) and also a possibility to change the name of the songs. Alot of youtube songs have things like (Official Music Video) and such in them and I’d like to remove it.

Currently you cannot manually sort the playlist outside of a random sort. The intention of this playlist is to either restrict viewers to a set of “safe” tracks for song requests or to add filler music for when your queue is empty.

As for renaming tracks, that could be made possible in the future. I can add it to our internal feature request board.

Sorry for the late reply.

I knew it was a long shot for the organizing part but renaming the tracks would be interesting in the future if possible.

I had an other question if you don’t mind… it’s not related to the Song Request but more with the Twitch Variables.

Is it possible or would it be possible in the future to have a command like “!watchtime” that would indicate how long a viewer has been watching the stream.


!watchtime - Indicates how low X viewer has been watching since Y streamer went live
!totalwatchtime - Indicates the amount of time X viewer has been watching Y streamer from the beginning.

It is not possible to track watch time for Twitch streams, as Twitch does not expose data about who is watching your stream to third parties.

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