Possible Giveaway Bug?

When using the nightbot .tv/ giveaway to do giveaways for subscribers, Nightbot has been proven to pick the last person to subscribe or give a subscription. Every giveaway has been given to the last person to subscribe. I proved it on HeyRobOfficials stream when I bought a subscription for Nightbot as a test and then he rolled the giveaway and I won. Looking at all of his giveaways, they’ve gone to the last subscriber or subscription gifter. Is this a bug, or a setup issue? No changes have been made to subscriber luck. Any help you could provide would be awesome.

Unfortunately without knowing exactly how the giveaway was administered it’s hard to tell why this could occur. In general, the random user giveaway is powered by “entries,” whereby talking in chat gives you an entry and subscriber or regular “luck” gives you additional entries if eligible. The list of entries is then shuffled and the first person in that list is picked as winner.

Now, it is possible that the random being used was not necessary completely random since it was not using a secure random number generator and was built back before modern web APIs existed. I’ve gone and swapped the random number generator out with crypto.getRandomValues, though I doubt it will make much of a difference.

Believe it or not, it actually chose people that weren’t the last subber or sub gifter since I received your response. Idk if what you did fixed it or if it was just a random issue that resolved itself, but thank you for your assistance!

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