Poll commands dont work

I cant create a poll using Straw Poll, I have used the same format that the help docs laid out and even copy and pasted the example command I attempt to create a poll and am met with the message [StrawPoll’s API returned an error. Try again later] and has done this every attempt.

@Emily Is this something you have to do again? I think they got ddosed a while ago but i can’t find any other issues as of today?

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Last time the issue was with StrawPoll, I assume it’s the same issue as before.


Are you sure cause I just now checked and was met with the exact same message.

hi @doctor_wolf13
I’ve already asked straw poll admins what they think should be done and I’m just waiting for a reply.
Otherwise, as night said it could just be a waiting game before it works. :slight_smile:

@doctor_wolf13 @Emily
I got an answer as seen here:

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