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Please give us an option to use the old emote menu!

In my personal opinion and a lot of other peoples, the new emote menu has the worst of both menus. No favorite emotes, no recently used emotes, no option to move the menu so it doesn’t cover half the chat, no option to pin it so it doesn’t close after selecting one emote… PLEASE let us have the option to use the normal emote menu.
Edit: Not sure why this was closed from further replies… Guess bttv is trying to hide the fact their new menu is horrible by silencing anyone who calls them out on it
Edit 2: Solved by uninstalling bttv and using chatterino browser extension instead EZ


all emote it’s broken. i want old menu emote.


If you hit the Clock icon at the top left of the emote interface your frequently used emotes appear there, you just need to add them, also if you go to another channel you can select a new set of frequently used emotes for that channel that may be different to another channel’s frequently used emotes. It saves the emotes as well for the next time you visit a channel, i quite like that part of the new interface.

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Yes please give us an option to have the old emote menu. I can’t stand how it auto-closes after clicking on one emote. Having standard twitch emote menu and separate bttv emote menu was the best way to have it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I love BTTV and don’t want to remove it but I will be doing so if this isn’t changed back


The emotes are also bigger, making you have to scroll to find them.
Edit since this thread was closed from further replies…: Some of this is bearable, but the fact the menu covers half the chat is unbearable. Don’t want to uninstall bttv, but I definitely will if this isn’t changed…


There is no clock icon top left for me

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Bump. The new menu looks and works better however it lacks some useful features. Please keep improving upon the new menu but in the meantime let people use the old one


We have no plans to revert to the old version as it was built by a third party that stopped maintaining it. The new emote menu is something we build and maintain. We understand that it’s new and would appreciate constructive feedback to make sure it’s the best it can be. We’re tracking user feedback over on GitHub:

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You can actually favorite emotes with Alt + Click, and we are tracking emotes recently and frequently used.


You can actually press Shift when selecting an emote to keep the menu open.


some feedback from someone who doesn’t use a ton of emotes:

I see the value in combining the emote menus but I personally wish they stayed separate. Too many streamers add way too many BTTV emotes so when I open the menu the number of BTTV emotes is just overwhelming. This wasn’t really a problem before combining the menus since I could just use the default emote menu and only venture into the smorgasborg of BTTV emotes when I wanted a specific one. Now that there’s just the one menu and the BTTV emotes are all at the top I’m likely to just avoid using emotes altogether or disable the BTTV menu.

Another problem is that the list of emote categories (other than frequently used, BTTV, and current streamer) is in no sensible order. They appear to be randomized on every page load so it’s not even possible to memorize the order. Looking for a specific emote category literally means scrolling until you find it. To be fair, the default emote menu category order seems to be random too but after refreshing the page a dozen or so times it does at least stay in the same random order. However, the default emote menu has a leg up here in that it puts categories like “Unlocked”, “OverwatchLeague”, and “TwitchHypeTrain” at the bottom of the list instead of mixing them with the streamer categories.

A solution to both of these issues would be a way for viewers to customize the emote menu. Having the option to hide specific emotes and/or whole categories would greatly improve the experience. There are a ton of emotes that I’ll never use - and some whole categories.

I know it’s no easy task to design a UI that everybody likes and I appreciate the work that has been and is being put into the new menu and I’m sure it can eventually become something great.

Edit: Night, thanks for the reply. I’ll check out the GitHub. I had posted this comment before you linked it but my account was still in review so the comment was on hold.


That’s fair. The next release of BetterTTV, 7.4.5, will make them separate again while we iron out the feature. We may have jumped too quickly into unifying the menus. I would recommend trying search though, as that’s a good way to find what you’re looking to. The pattern “open the emote menu and start typing” works quite well.

This was an oversight, and in the next release, 7.4.5, the sorting in the emote menu has been improved.

As stated earlier, I would really recommend surfacing specific feature feedback over on our GitHub issues. Someone has already made a post about custom category sorting, which may be interesting to you.