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!pubg action username platform

!pubg kd xgerhard
xgerhard: xgerhard’s K/D ratio: 3.73 (Top 12%, #385) [Solo].

!pubg time xgerhard
xgerhard: xgerhard’s Time survived: 14 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes (354.74 hours) (Top 34%, #3,373) [Solo].

!pubg stats xgerhard
xgerhard: xgerhard stats summary: [Skill rating: 1944.4 (#63,038)], [K/D ratio: 3.73 (#385)], [Wins: 4 (#64,219)], [Top 10 placements: 7 (#2,179)], [Win %: 21.05 (#236)], [Time survived: 354.74 hours (#3,373)] [Solo].


Available playlists: Solo, Duo, Squad (Default = Solo)

Get playlist stats by adding the playlist name before the action, for example:
!pubg duokd xgerhard (K/D ration in Duo’s)
!pubg teamwinp xgerhard (Win % in the team playlist)
!pubg duosr xgerhard (Skill rating in Duo’s)

Use the setplayer command to link your PUBG account, for example:
!pubg setplayer xgerhard eu
Now when I use !pubg kd it will take my stats without entering the username.


  • kd (Kill/Death ratio)
  • wins (Total wins)
  • losses (Total losses)
  • winp (Win %)
  • time (Total time survived)
  • kills (Total kills)
  • assists (Total assists)
  • suicides (Total suicides)
  • teamkills (Total teamkills)
  • heals (Total heals)
  • revives (Total revives)
  • boosts (Total boosts)
  • dmg (Total damage dealt)
  • dbno (Total DBNOs)
  • stats (Shows: Skill rating, KD, Win %, Time)
  • support (Shows: Heals, Revives, Boosts, DBNOs)

For the full list check here:

Installation is simple
Copy - Paste the following code in your chat:
!commands add -cd=5 -ul=everyone !pubg $(urlfetch$(querystring))

  • default_playlist - Set a default playlist for your users (solo, duo, squad), when no playlist is specified this playlist will be used.

For example &default_playlist=squad, when a user types !pubg stats xgerhard the command will now check the squad stats.
You can still force the command to check a different playlist, by typing for example !pubg duostats xgerhard na to check the duo playlist stats.

Need help? Post here, or contact @gerhardoh on twitter.


Hello, I can’t seem to get it to work, it just replies with No stats found for user: madsbs, in playlist: Team, in region: EU [Team, EU]

Heya! Thanks for trying out the command, looks like something is going on with my data provider, sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll let you know when this is resolved.

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We had something crash earlier, everything should be back up and working again. Please try again @glemtnavn and let me know if you run into any issues.

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