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My personal playlist has just gone and disappeared just now and it appears I have a new Nightbot version. I only have what appears to be Monstercat’s playlist? Where has my personal playlist gone?

Having the same issue here. Would like to know what’s up and how to correct this.

Navigate to the AutoDJ settings and under general change the playlist to Channel.


Is it possible to make multiple playlists now? Currently I only see MonsterCat and Channel. What if I wanted to split my 500 songs in my channel list into genres, like hip-hop / classic rock / electronic… is there a way to make a playlist for each?

Unfortunately we are only permitting a single playlist at this time, sorry. Down the road we may consider multiple playlists, but for the majority of use-cases concerning the AutoDJ system at present it isn’t necessary to have multiple.

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For users having issues with personal playlists in the new version of Nightbot, we’ve automatically toggled your channel playlist as default if you had a personal playlist in the old version. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by being unable to locate the list originally.

Ok well thats good and dandy that it worked for you to go to AutoDJ settings and it worked however, I did that and got NOTHING not a single song came over for me… So any advice will help. Thanks

Please contact support and they can transfer your songs for you.

Will do thanks Aaron128I. Do appreciate the help.

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