Personal emotes not showing up

Hello, I upgradeed to BTTV pro and I’ve added some emotes as my personal emotes. But they are not appearing in twitch chats. What is the problem?

When you type in chat using BetterTTV Pro we send out a list of your emotes to other folks in chat. It can take a few minutes after setting personal emotes for them to begin working, but as long as you’re typing into chat from a browser with BetterTTV installed it should work.

I asked everyone in the chat (not at the beginning of my chats) to see if users are able to see my emotes but none of them were able to see my emote. I believe this is a bug

If you are able to see them then other people using BetterTTV should be able to see them too. It will not show to people on mobile or people not using BetterTTV.

I am having a similar problem. I have checked to make sure everything is activated every day this past week before going live & despite it shows on & its all installed…well nothing then some can get it to work while I stiall can’t see them =. Not sure whats but its driving me a bit coo coo

I just upgraded for this feature and its not working at all, dont want to waste more time on that. Wont suggest anyone to buy a subscription for personal emotes.

For both of these replies, your problems stem from unrelated issues than the original poster. We had a service outage around the time you posted. It has since been fixed.

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