Permission bug with Discord integration


I moderate a large Discord server for a streamer and we have Nightbot integrated in our server. We have a single moderator role that is given moderator access on the Discord integration section in the Nightbot management site. However, we noticed that several other roles could also use every Nightbot command, even those reserved for mods. For instance, some users were able to change the stream title from Discord using the !title command, despite not having the moderator role in the server. We did some testing and found out that the “Manage Messages” permission in Discord was giving people access to mod permissions for Nightbot. When we removed that permission from the roles, they could no longer access mod commands for Nightbot. Has anyone else encountered this or something similar? We managed to fix it by debugging with some users in the server but it was a very tricky thing to find. I can’t imagine this was intended either, since moderator permissions for Nightbot are only given to a single role in the Nightbot site.

Nightbot considers anyone with the ability to manage messages as a moderator, since that’s the equivalent of a moderation role on all streaming platforms.

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