People who join and follow

Is there a way I can have it set up to where I can see when people join my stream in my chat and follow me so I can be more interactive with my viewers because I’ll always see someone join number wise but I can never be like “hey so and so how are we doing today!” I want them to know I see them lol

Hey @afkhollywood!

Have a look here: Nightbot Alerts In Chat

There’s not really a way to get alerts when people join to watch and lurk, in general it’s best to avoid calling out lurkers as it’s perceived as impolite, instead talk to your chat in a general way (even when there’s supposedly 0 viewers), but we’re not here to teach you how to stream.

Sad face there’s two thing tho with that being said one yes you can scare off people because they just want to lurk and are not into conversation but I find statics when you see the person join and you say hey to them 99% of the time they say hey back. That’s what I remember when I had mixer. To bad mixer got bought by Facebook and Facebook ruined it for us console players :frowning: lol oh well I have a good personality so ik I won’t struggle to much thank you tho! Much love

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