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I’m currently using pastebin to pull random strings from, ranging from silly random quotes, to a huge list of questions to ask people.

However, after trying to post a list of 800+ questions on pastebin, I keep getting deemed the text is offensive, and therefore have to be set to private. And nightbot only pulls the string from the website if the bin is public. The website also gives ZERO details on what specifically is offensive, so it’s incredibly difficult to navigate around, and therefore I’m pretty much finished with it at the moment.

Are there any other websites that I could use that would pull a string of text as well as pastebin did? The questions are legitimately ice-breakers, however apparently something is crossing the line. Sorry if this is in the wrong area!

Ehsan’s quote system is good for all this and doesn’t poke its nose in your business.

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There are also many many many pastebin alternatives

and so on.

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