Past holiday emotes

Hello. I’ve been wondering about this for a while, so I pretty much registered here just to ask the question. I’m sure many of you remember the holiday renditions of some of the global emotes. The ones I remember are KKona, NaM, GabeN, SourPls, AngelThump and D:. However, since 2017, I believe, they are no longer being added to the list. I do appreciate the emotes like SoSnowy and SantaHat, but whatever happened to the ones I listed?
To give you an idea how they look like, here’s an example of the holiday KKona:

We did away with individually customizing emotes in favor of “hats” which stack on top of other emotes. This increases the usability of holiday emotes and promotes the use of other emotes, not just our own.

Ok. One last thing - were pepe-styled global emotes for the April Fools a one-time thing?

Nobody really knows the answer to that question. We tend to make decisions about emotes in the moment. There’s not much planning involved.

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