Passive term counter in chat

I looked around and didnt see anything similar to this so excuse me if its been done, already but is it possible to have a command that passively keeps track of how many times a word is said in chat (even if this works only with the first word of the sentence that is fine) and only tells you the count when a !“command” is used?

To be clear im asking for one specific word to be kept track of, not every word.

ex. 3 people use the word potato in their msg throughout the stream and then i type !(recall command) and it shows “the word potato has been used 3 times total”

Hey @theshreddingmonkey!

This problem has been solved partially here:

However, having another command that displays the total count won’t be possible if you want the counter to be silent. You’ll only be able to see it by going to the dashboard.

If you’re willing to sacrifice the silence, which could end up spammy, adapting this set of command should do the job:

thank you for the input.

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