Own albums in nightbot autodj

Hi. I have a soundcloud acount which has a lot of songs in seperate albums. Autodj is connected to my soundcloud account. how do I get autodj to access my other albums? I only have monstercat now and i would rather not add a song one by one to a new album.


You can import your SoundCloud playlists to create a mega AutoDJ playlist:

1: Make sure all of your SoundCloud playlists can be publicly viewed.
2: Go to https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests/playlist
3: Click “Import”.
4: Copy and paste the link for one of your SoundCloud playlists and click “Submit”. Repeat this for all of your playlists. You may have to wait a few seconds for particularly large playlists to import or refresh the page.
5: Go to https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests
6: Click “Settings”.
7: Set the Playlist to “Channel”.

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