Ordinal numeral eval script

I made a quick script that allows you to get the ordinal numeral for a given number. If you guys want to use it, feel free.

What I mean by “ordinal number” is that things like $(count) and such are given as cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc). This script will convert cardinal numbers to ordinal numbers (ie 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).

$(eval function o(y) {y=Number(y);if (y!=y) {return "not a number"};let h=y%100,l=y%10,e="th";if(h>10&&h<20){}else if(l==1){e="st"}else if(l==2){e="nd"}else if(l==3){e="rd"}return `${y}${e}`}o("$(count)"))

To change it from using $(count), change the variable at the end of the eval. Be sure to keep the quotes!

For anyone who is curious, here is a slightly more human readable version.

function o(y) {
	y = Number(y);
	if (y!=y) {
		return "not a number"
	// h is hundreds, l is the last digit (aka "ones"), e is the final ending
	let h=y%100,l=y%10,e="th";
		// do nothing
	}else if(l==1){
	}else if(l==2){
	}else if(l==3){
	return `${y}${e}`

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