Only see BTTV emotes in popout chat?

Hey all - basically exactly the title. I see emotes and BTTV settings in the cogwheel area ONLY in my Twitch POPOUT chat but in my dashboard, I see none of it and BTTV is in text form.

Started happening like 4 hours ago and can’t fix it.

What have you tried?
What browser are you using?
Is this on all of twitch, as in can you see bttv emotes in other chats dashboards?

I use chrome, and I can see all BTTV emotes everywhere except my Twitch dashboard page. If I popout my chat from dashboard into a separate window, then I see them just fine. I’ve tried everything - un/reinstalling BTTV, logging in and out of everything…

The latest version of BetterTTV, 7.2.85, fixed this behavior.

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