On YouTube How Can I Find Userlevel with Command

I want my chat to just be able to type say “!join” and it shows their membership level, how can I do this easily?

@Khi_Turner Heya, try this,

!addcom -cd=5 !join @$(user) your user level is [ $(userlevel) ]

Example usage:

Ritik: !join
Nightbot: @Ritik your user level is [ everyone ]


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Thanks that actually worked perfectly, the problem on YouTube is it doesn’t differentiate subscribers from non-subscribers. Is there a way to easily do that? Alternatively could we integrate a website like xxluke so the nightbot could read how long someone has been subscribed and then return a value? I think there’s probably an easier way to find subscribers though, thanks for your help and please help with this part 2.

True, the function you want is currently not available. And as per Nightbot, subscribers are those who are paid members of any channel.


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