On Trovo Nightbot sees my commands but I don't see a response in chat from Nightbot

Hello! I recently moved from Twitch to Trovo and when I tried Nightbot here’s what happens. I post commands in chat, it shows in Nightbot’s logs but I get no response in the chat on Trovo. I can see other viewers fine though. Just not Nightbot.

Hey @TwistMii!

Have you added the commands again since your move? Each platform work independently.

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I’ve added them already and I made sure that Nightbot was not banned or anything.

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@Rubio Don’t send people to this email, it’s not meant for such support, these forums are.

This issue is likely linked to #31045, if it’s a bug it’ll be fixed soon, please be patient.

I just checked it and it seems to be fixed now here on my end. Thanks!


I have the exact same issue

it seems to be working again thanks


I had issues with nightbot again. It stops executing timers and commands after a certain time, and i dont know how to get it up and running again. On trovo

It’s not been long since Nightbot is offered on Trovo, it’s normal it breaks at the beginning, I’m sure the devs will figure it out when they can, it’s possible the issues come from Trovo’s side as well.

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Every 30 days it’s been breaking due to our access expiring to their API. We notified them again of this condition last week, but until it is fixed you can expect to receive issues requiring authorization on a monthly cadence.


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