Old nightbot on another account

I set up a Nightbot account on my YouTube channel (Studio, not brand).
However, someone previously created Nightbot and used it on the channel. Now, when I add Nightbot, it will run commands I did not install, certainly not from my account.
How do I disconnect the previous user’s Nightbot?

This is odd, are you sure you don’t have access to the commands on the dashboard?

If you don’t have access to the commands, contact the dev, select Account Issue, then Nightbot and explain your issue in great details: I suggest you type !commands in your chat and share the link Nightbot responds with, as well as your current channel’s link.

I can access the dashboard. However, the bot is not working as I set it up.
For example, if the user types the phrase Hello, I have set a unique greeting. But the bot automatically comments with content about Covid (Meaning that someone has set up the bot from 2021 - 2022)

I meant access to the commands you didn’t set up. However, if it’s automatic, check out your timers.

Of course I don’t have access to orders that I didn’t set up so I tried to cancel it, but it’s not linked to my account so I don’t know what to do.
The timer I also do not set those commands.

Then do what I suggested in my first reply, contact the dev, explain your issue and provide the information I advised to add in your message, they’ll be able to reset the instance of Nightbot so it’s a clean state.

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