Now that i have Nightbot cooperating with my webhooks:

for !watchtime

i have this command
@$(touser) $(urlfetch

and it returns “00:00:32” everytime the command is used, no matter the user.

i wish that there’s a better one, and there isn’t for Nightbot, is there? this one is almost as bad as the one for StreamLabs [which gives out “0 seconds”, period].

Hiya, The link you posted is a timer, like a stopwatch. It does not track watch time, this is not possible with nightbot currently.

yes, thank you, and i was thinking [last night] that Nightbot has a “currency” option, for games or something.

that’s not the case, either, and it think that it would be nice to have a hidden points accumulation for each viewer that is used solely for making a !watchtime command.

that is how the !watchtime command is accomplished with other bots [chiefly StreamLabs and StreamElements], after all: you enable their Loyalty Features so that the “currency” begins to accumulate, and the !watchtime command maps out how long it’s taken to accumulate the points.

i don’t know how it works with them, when points are lost due to games and things, and i certainly don’t know how to make it a per episode command [meaning, say, i’ve tuned into a live stream and would like to know how long i’ve been watching THIS TIME, rather than the total time i have spent watching streams in this channel].

idk … just a thought. i’m the bad idea guy, if nothing else, so that no one else has to be, lol.

You’re not the first to suggest this feature, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon, please see this comment from Night in a similar topic from a while ago: YouTube Gaming Nightbot points system

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