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Nothing works even so i pay for bttv service!

There s an emote called Peperoni, its added on my BTTV but doesnt show up in Twitch chat or the BTTV extension for the browser… Cant find it using the Search function on BTTV… why is it not updated, why dont i get a message or notification what emote was removed??? wonder what do i pay almost 10 euro a month for this… also when i had to create an account to write this here, the Connect with TWITCH thingy doenst work !!! tried it several times… WHY create a feature if and than dont make it work the proper way ???

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Would help if you described what didn’t work, I just tried signing in with Twitch and worked fine. Might be an adblocker or something blocking it.

If the emote was removed it was against the BTTV TOS, or the uploader removed it. Not sure what answer you want here, if an emote doesn’t work check the BTTV emote menu, or your dashboard on the BTTV website, and you’ll see the available emotes.