Not seeing emotes in chat while watching other channels

The screenshot below illustrates the issue I’m experiencing.

  1. In the streamer’s chat overlay, you can see that the “Prayge” emote is appearing normally

  2. In my own browser view of the stream chat (Chrome), the emote does not appear - only the “Prayge” text

  3. Using the BetterTTV + FrankerFaceZ Chrome extensions, I’m able to see that the streamer has not added “Prayge” via either service.

If the streamer hasn’t added the emote, how is it appearing in their own overlay and not appearing for me as a viewer on desktop? This happens with a ton of other common emotes as well. KEKW, Poggers, OMEGALUL, etc. I can’t ever see them in chat as a viewer, regardless of whether the streamer has added them to their BTTV menu.

Hey @jarthing!

The streamer is most likely using another emotes extension as well on top of BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ. You could ask other chatters which one it is.

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