Not letting me sign in with youtube

So when i try to login to the nightbot site it only gives me the option between twitch and trovo. Any fix to this?

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Hey @PeekR_Youtube!

Try turning off your adblocker for

Also, please use the search bar before opening a new topic.

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Hey i have tried that but it still dosnt show up.

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Are you sure you don’t have multiple adblockers? Your browser might as well provide you with one by default, make extra sure no adblocker is on for the website.
If you’re sure, then try turning off your adblocker completely (if the button shows up that means you didn’t set up the whitelist properly, or that you blocked the sign in button some time in the past).
Also, don’t forget to refresh the page once you change your adblocker settings.

I can see the YouTube log in button, so the issue is on your side, hence why I ask you double check.

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