"Not authorized"

When I use my subscriber count command it says “Not authorized to access channel’s subscriptions. Has the channel owner logged into the Nightbot control panel?” Even when I am logged in it still doesn’t work. I have parted the bot from my channel, unignored it, unmodded it, rejoined the channel, modded it and it still doesn’t work. Anyone know how to fix this?

Hey @isthatkeving!

Assuming you’re the streamer, have you tried logging out and back in?

I’m experiencing the same issue and I’ve tried logging out and back into the Nightbot control panel. I think it’s broken.

If you still experience the issue, and if you’re the streamer, try clearing your cookies and cache for Nightbot.tv and log back in, hopefully that will fix it for you.

I tried the command again today without deleting anything and it’s working now… :thinking:

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