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Not All Shared Emotes Syncing To Discord



I just upgraded to BTTV Pro yesterday and added the max of 50 shared emotes. Emotes are a mix of static & animated. Not all of my emotes are syncing over to Discord, however. I checked the Discord emoji slot limits, deleted all uploaded emotes, disconnected the Discord BTTV integration, kicked the bot, restarted Discord, cleared browser cache. After all this, reconnected the Discord integration/bot, validated “manage emoji” permission was enabled and the issue still persists. The integration only uploads 7 shared/1channel/15 animated emojis out of my 50 total shared/1 channel BTTV emotes. Discord still shows I have 42 emoji slots & 35 animated emoji slots available, so I’m at a loss… Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!

  • CorgiCreates

To update, I just unlinked my Discord server from my BTTV account, kicked the BTTV bot from Discord, signed out of both Discord & BTTV, removed ALL shared emotes from BTTV, logged back into both BTTV & Discord, & added all non-GIF emotes back.

That worked. However, as soon as I started to add animated emotes, the animated emotes did not sync.

TL;DR Issue persists with animated emotes ONLY…



Apologies for the confusion. We do not currently support syncing animated emotes, but perhaps we will in the future.

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