No longer working with Palemoon?

It was working fine for me less than week ago now addon wont install. Says not compatible and if i try to install script version which you guys say works with any browser it just keeps saying downloading nothing happens other scripts download fine.

You need to install Greasemonkey in order to install the Userscript version of BetterTTV.

I have it installed it never downloads. I can download any other script for other sites download is broken.

The download works fine on my end. Clear your cookies and cache, and disable any type of firewall that might block its download.

All i have is windows firewall. Tried it with it disabled same thing. Then i also tried clearing all cookies and cache same issue but i can download on any other site with palemoon. Im going to test using firefox and Greasemonkey it might be issue with the site.

Ok firefox works fine with Greasemonkey downloading it… So its palemoon issue it never happened before.

GM beyond 1.15 isn’t supported on Palemoon. Try GM 1.15.


Thank you sir. Should i worry about security running OLD version of GM or is it fine?

Should be fine, but it’s always good to be aware of the changes made since then, to do your own research on it.

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