No active users showing on giveaway page

I know my chat is linked because I can see the messages being posted, but the column on the left shows no active users. When I set the keyword and someone enters it, then I click “roll it”, I get the message that there are no eligible users…what am I doing wrong?

Hey @jeffsuffers!

There have been quite a few users reporting the same issue, however, as the code gave no error, it’s hard to troubleshoot and figure out where the issue is coming from, so it can’t be fixed yet… Sorry.

The best solution I can offer when it doesn’t work is to try to refresh the page using Ctrl+F5 and hopefully that’ll do the job.

ugh…ok well I am going to try again shortly…I was thinking maybe if I part the stream elements bot from my channel and only have nightbot joined, then maybe it will work…I don’t know…but I don’t really want to have to part the streamelements bot because it does things I want,…

It’s not linked to other bots, you can keep them. I’ll give it a test shortly if I can as well and look for errors if it doesn’t work.

@night I managed to reproduce the issue, here are the console logs (Pastebin).

I simply opened the Giveaways tab of a streamer I’m the manager of, set eligibility to every level, using the Active User type, but I recall seeing the issue using the other types of giveaway.

The logs are pretty vocal about the issue, although I’m not sure as to what may cause it.
It’s important to note that you won’t run into the issue every time. For example I just reloaded the tab and it now works just fine.

Hopefully that’ll help, let me know if you need more information.

Those logs unfortunately don’t point to anything related to Nightbot. Nightbot uses its own websocket for sending down chat to the site in a consistent manner no matter what provider you login as. It’s possible jeff’s client is simply not connecting to our websocket if problems persist.

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