Nightbot's spam protection triggers in my discord server even when permissions for the channel allow links

So, I’ve set up integration between twitch, nightbot and discord.
On my discord server I have also set up proper restrictions, but nightbot seem to ignore this completely and still bops users for posting links in channels where links are allowed for everyone. I see no option in the integrations or on nightbot(dot)tv that can affect this. How do I get nightbot to behave properly?

Couple of options for you:

  • You can disable spam protection at the Nightbot integrations page. This is a blanket enable/disable for all protections for the entire server
  • Disable the link Spam Protection setting in Nightbot. Will allow other spam protections to work as set.
  • Remove Nightbot’s permission to read a channel in Discord as a whole. This will require removing the administrator Discord role and could lead to undesired effects. However as Nightbot will be unable to see the channel no spam protection (or even commands) will be reacted to.

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