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When you set up a word like “really” to have an auto response by Nightbot, How do you make it so if the word is being used to start a sentence Nightbot doesn’t respond?

If this is already answered else where I apologize. I searched.

What do you mean by auto response. Like if it’s used anywhere in the command? Cause if that’s what you mean nightbot only searches for the command at the very start of a user’s message and stops searching after the first space.

Yeah. So lets say you have nightbot set to say a response to “really” and then someone starts their sentence with really, wish i had this… but the response by nightbot to the word really is “what do you mean really?” (thats an example) Can you make it so nightbot skips the check for the word if there are additional words following it

Use this:

$(eval One="$(1)";One=="null"?"Response when someone just says really":" ")

Replace the Response with what you want it to say. If anything is proceeding “really” it will output nothing.


Does the Response go in the “:” area or the “” area? lol. Sorry very new to this

Neither, it can’t be clearer really:

$(eval `$(1)`==`null`?`RESPONSE_WHEN_NO_WORDS_AFTER_REALLY`:` `;)

Replace the RESPONSE_WHEN_NO_WORDS_AFTER_REALLY field with what you want the bot to say when someone just says “really” with no words following it.

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