Nightbot Won't Use New Emote Prefix

A channel I moderate for on Twitch, SilverDrMario, recently received Partner on Twitch, and therefore got a new emote prefix as well as a Lifetime Subscription for Nightbot. However, Nightbot will not use the new emote prefix: IE, the new prefix “agphd” in Nightbot commands will not show an emote, while the streamer’s old prefix, “silver228”, when used in Nightbot commands, will show an emote. For example (and for any testing purposes), the !5k command in the streamer’s channel shows his emote with the old “silver228” prefix, but the !agphd command does not show the emote with the new “agphd” prefix. We are not sure what’s causing the issue, as we thought the Lifetime Subscription may have updated something with Nightbot’s use of emotes, but it did not. We’re unsure if this is a Nightbot or Twitch issue. Thanks.

Hey @sniearrs!

This is a Twitch issue, Nightbot just sends messages, if the emotes it sends are not displayed correctly and the emotes prefix+name is correct, then it’s Twitch failing to read the messages as it should.

However, maybe you can try making Nightbot leave the chat and then add it back if you are a Nightbot manager for the channel, maybe that’ll reset how Nightbot is seen by Twitch and it’ll start working properly. Let me know if it helped.

This is a known issue with Twitch’s infrastructure that they have been working to address. I’m hopeful maybe sometime this week it will be permanently fixed.

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