NightBot wont let me update my game or stream title

My NightBot on Twitch is working with all of my commands but when me or my MODS are trying to change my game or stream title it says it cant connect to some API and that I have to log into NightBot to fix it but I dont know what to do

Hey @jaredeh30!

Well, have you tried to do exactly what the error message tells you to do?
Just log into, if you’re still logged in, log out first.

Hey @Emily

I have done that it still wont work it says that it updated the stream title and game but it doesn’t change it… NightBot only gave me instructions to log in and they gave me no further details

If it says it updated it, then it did, it’s just that sometimes the change isn’t reflected directly because Twitch caches these information and only updates them every once in a while, you can refresh the stream to see the changes.

im having the same issue, the past two weeks ive tried to reauthenticate it, which i did. but i still cant change title or games…

Hey @labency!

This is odd… Can you try clearing your cookies and cache for and log back in?

idk if that did it or not, but its working now

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