Nightbot won't interact with chat

So I’m trying to set up Nightbot for my friend I can also get into his account. I connect Nightbot and then type !commands and nothing pops up. I make custom commands and type them and the same, nothing. I know a decent amount about Nightbot. It is logging and showing data, it just doesn’t interact to chat. Trying to connect to YouTube.


Also make sure your friend’s streaming privacy is set to public.

My first stream will be tomorrow and i made commands and now they are not working in my chat, nighbot is not banned and he is modded and i dont know what to do :frowning:

No need to respond to multiple topics. Read what Night posted above, if you stream on youtube please check all those conditions. Since you say your first stream is tomorrow, commands won’t work unless you’re live.

But i go live just to try them and they dont worked

And im streaming in twitch

For Twitch you don’t have to be live. Login at, and top right hit “Join channel”.
Then use /mod nightbot and to make sure he’s not banned/ignored use:
/unban nightbot
/unignore nightbot

I have loged in and i have clicked the join channel and there now says ‘‘Part Channel’’ and i tried the unignore command and it said user unignored i tried to mod nightbot again and it dont works

This has been resolved (Name change --> Re-login on the Nightbot dashboard).

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