Nightbot will not respond to chat

I’m opening this as a new topic because we have done everything we can find in the forum and everywhere else. It works fine for my Twitch chat but will not respond to friends Twith chat. We have looked at the topics and gone through the motions of parting and rejoining, un-moding and modding, nightbot is not ignored, it is not banned. To clarify, we have done everything in the pinned Nightbot Troubleshooting. The logs show that it SEES the commands but won’t respond in chat. Any external changes like title changes go through, it can change stream title but will not respond in chat. We are at a complete loss for what is wrong.

Hey @Skoop!

What the Twitch channel name where you’re experiencing the issue?
If it’s Skoop, I don’t see Nightbot as a moderator in the chat and the command list for that username leads to 404.

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