Nightbot Weather command

I have use the !weather and put in all the right info but it won’t show up the correct temp. for example it isn’t showing my negative temps so it shows up as if it a normal positive temp for my current weather. I have tested it for other locations that are also negative and worked so some. Not sure why this is happening.

Well it is possible that if the area you live in is big enough the equipment measuring the data for the command could be far away from you or something? I’m not entirely sure about this though. Idk where nightbot pulls the data from.

Well it shows for example 5 (f) but it should show -5 (f)

It’s not showing the negative attribute to the temp. The area has it’s own tower so the data would be picked up from there.

@demonic_pretty Heya, your problem is quite weird, to be honest. By the way, there is an alternative command idea, I mean similar to it.

!addcom -cd=5 !forecast $(urlfetch$(querystring))

Ritik: !forecast Delhi
Nightbot: Forecast for Delhi, IN | Tuesday: Clear sky ▼ 17.1 C ▲ 29.1 C | Wednesday: Clear sky ▼ 20.6 C ▲ 29.1 C | Thursday: Clear sky ▼ 21.1 C ▲ 29.1 C |


Sorry! I’m pretty new to the whole “Nightbot” how would I go about by using/trying that?

@demonic_pretty Heya, add that command via chat (Stream Chat), or you can add the commands from Dashboard. Well there are many video tutorial on the Internet.

If you’re absolute new, then I recommend you to watch those.


Hey @demonic_pretty!

It all depends from which API Nightbot is getting the data from, if the API doesn’t have your weather tower it won’t be precise to your location.


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