Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch's API

Hey, my streamer is having some issues. They recently had a 24 Hour Ban and when they started stream yesterday, we knew the Twitch integration with Nightbot (and Discord) would be broken and need to be resynced. Discord is working well and dandy, but she logged into Nightbot as the prompt instructs you when you try to change the !game (Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch’s API. The channel owner needs to login at to fix this.), but as of today, Nightbot still hasn’t authenticated if that’s the right word in this case. Help?

My streamer is Amouranth, please no digs, I’m just looking for troubleshooting help. I saw other posts suggest physically logging out and back in and suggested that to her. I’m not sure if she did that, busy schedules and all.

A full logout and login would be required to reauthenticate with Twitch.

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