NightBot $(URLfetch) Error on Unicode name

Hello guys!
I need a help, I have made point system. It works good, but when it comes to viewer’s name contains Unicode character, it returns “​Error Connecting To Remote Server”.

here is my command : $(urlfetch json http://xxxxxxxxxxx/points?id=$(userid)&name=$(user))
and here is my code in my backend :slight_smile:

app.get('/points', async (req, res) => {
  let userId =;
  let userName =;

  const rndCoins = await updateData(userId, userName);
  const userDetails0 = await getUserPoints(userId);

  const numinString = intToString(userDetails.points);

    res.send("Congrats!! 😁 " + userName + " you got +" + rndPoints + " points😳 Your total points are " + numinString );


Please help me.

Hey @man_from_mars!

We don’t provide support for third party APIs, even less for one you wrote yourself, this isn’t a programming support forum, and it’s not our fault if the usernames contain Unicode characters, they come from Twitch.

In JavaScript there’s a method that should help you: encodeURIComponent().

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