Nightbot Twitch Authorisation

Every time I try to ‘Signup’ with Night-bot to get it into my twitch channel. I click Sign Up and then on to the Authorise page I click Authorise and it brings me back to the main screen. I’ve tried this 50+ times to see if it just took time and that didn’t work.

It logs into the dashboard for you tube perfectly but nothing for Twitch. Is there something in my twitch settings?

I can do this with my partners account and it works perfectly. But for some reason when I try and do it with the account I stream with bobby_tv it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried opening it in another browser, Disabling my Anti Virus & Firewalls and still nothing.

Any ideas?

Anybody have any form of update on this issue…?

Hmm, recently there were several reports about a specific anti-virus program that was breaking the login flow. However it’s weird if it works for some accounts. I would try to login in an incognito window, with no browser extensions.
Or you could check if there is a Nightbot connection listed here, and delete it:
If no success, have a look at your browser console and see if there are any errors when you login.

Hi Xgerhard,

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tried to do all of the above just, enabled Incognito Mode and tried it without any browser extensions and still no luck. I also disabled to Nightbot in twitch and disconnected it which seemed to make zero difference also.

I can click authorise and it just takes me back to “

Im far from an expert on this issue and I could be wrong but I’m not sure it’s a browser issue as I can login via my fiancé’s perfectly is it possible that this is an account issue? I’ve also tried to do all this on a different PC than my usual one at home with different Anti Viruses etc.



Hi I’ve also tried getting into it on my Apple IPhone to see if it was an internet browser option on my PC yet again no luck.

Is this an account issue that needs sorting out by Nightbot?

You probably have a Twitch username that was previously registered. Please contact us directly for account issues:

Hi Night,

I’ve contacted you directly through the account issue section.

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