Nightbot Trivia Command Help

I’ve wanted a Trivia command with Nightbot for a while now. The main gist is that someone can type !trivia (or a timer can activate it), and Nightbot asks a trivia question, and after a few seconds tells the answer in another chat.

My old way of doing this was to have a command for each question (ex. !trivia1 !trivia2, and then !trivia picks a random number, and puts it after !trivia, so it chooses a random question. The questions themselves used this website to make the answer delayed a few seconds. The only problem with this: it’s so time consuming. It takes about 2-3 minutes to add each trivia question, and I want hundreds, make even a thousand. I tried using a pastebin with all the questions, and have Nightbot choose a random one, but 1: I don’t know how to do it right, and 2: The website mentioned earlier doesn’t work for the delayed messages through pastebin (unless I’m missing soemthing).

If someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it ^^

Hey @frostylosty1!

What you’re trying to do isn’t possible with today’s available tools, your solution is to make your own API, something we don’t help with. I’ll link you to Nightbot’s API documention tho’.

Thanks for the reply, I was wondering if it was possible with Nightbot at all. I’ve also been wondering about making something like this for a while now. But, I have come up with a janky, yet working solution!

I have a !trivia command with nothing as the output, and a !newtrivia command that edits the !trivia command to be a random line pulled from a pastebin. The line in pastebin uses that website to make the delayed messages. So finally, you use !trivia and it gives you a random question with an answer 15 seconds later! I tried just having one command give a random line from the pastebin, but since the line in the pastebin is in command-form, the command has to be edited to the line.

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