Nightbot to message AND do command?


I’m quite new to Nightbot.
I tried using a custom command to send a message, meanwhile doing a !sr for the user.


Message: Yes, $(user) - we need to test the Kappa. I heard it’s not working!
Alias: !sr BpHSm0KcW7o

So that Nightbot spits out the message in chat, while doing the Alias-command.
I got it to work, but it seems like it’s only doing the !sr part wuthout messaging.

How come? Did i miss something?

Yes, the alias is not a “do two things at once” it means that it will run the command you put in the alias field with the input you put in the message field. So in your case, nightbot is trying to run:

!sr Yes, $(user) - we need to test the Kappa. I heard it's not working! (the BpHSm0KcW7o wont be included i dont think since it only cares about the first part of the command)

You cannot make nightbot run another command and say a message as you want it to, not without unique use of a specifically made custom api (even then its difficult)

Ah - thanks for that clarification!
It’s sad that you have to create a custom-API to do a command + message :confused:

Well normally the command IS IN the message, its just something specific to the nightbot default commands. They require a specific input and give a specific output.