Nightbot Timers Reset?

Mostly just a question. I have a “script” if you will with Nightbot set up with timers… However, it seems as though each time I start a new stream… it starts in the middle of the script. My question… do timers automatically reset when a stream ends, or is Nightbot continuously counting, OR is the timer “paused” and then when stream kicks up again it starts off with the timer it last stopped on.

I believe it is the latter, continuing where Nightbot last left off in previous stream. IF this is the case, is it possible to create a toggle to disable this? Where no matter where Nightbot ends in the stream as far as timers are concerned it will always restart at the first timer. I know this doesnt make a lot of sense, especially since my timers are set up 46min 48min 50min etc and all timers start after 20 lines in chat.

Just curious. or if anyone has any ideas.

From my understanding of timers it time based and is constantly running in the background at a set time. There is no way to toggle an option for them like you want. I will however point you in the direction of this previous post which could potentially help with spam if that’s a problem Staggered timers - #2 by potatoeaterlove

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Yeah that’s what I figured as well. It would be nice if they were stream based and on a stopwatch mechanic that resets every time your stream is stopped and you go offline. I don’t have any issues with spam, just the project that I was working on with Nightbot and another bot won’t work with these parameters unfortunately until they get changed to stream based or on a stopwatch timer. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

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